Tip: use Presence to receive large files from other people

You can use Presence to let other people send you large files right to your Mac — securely of course. Just share a folder and select “Allow files to be uploaded to this folder”. The other person views the shared folder, and can click the upload button (top right) to send you files.

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Presence Tips Digest

I publish a series of Presence tips to highlight some useful features that might not be immediately obvious. Not all of them will be new to you, but there should be a few nuggets of new wisdom for most people.

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Here are all tips so far:

  • When at your Mac, share files with others quickly by right-clicking a file and choosing Share in Presence. (This might be in the Services submenu, depending on your setup.)
  • For even quicker file sharing, enter a standard sharing password in the shares window so you don’t have to type it in every time. Great if you often share with the same people.
  • Edit your Mac’s iWork files (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) right on your iPad or iPhone with Presence’s help. See the iWork instructions for Presence.
  • You can look through your Mac’s camera from anywhere in the world! Click/tap the camera icon in the toolbar. On your iPhone, it’s in the second row of buttons.
  • If other people log into your Mac with Presence, you might like to prevent pictures being taken through the camera while you’re at your Mac – see “Allow photos with your Mac’s camera” in the “Photos & Email” section of the Mac app.
  • Presence supports resumable downloads, so you can restart a download if it’s interrupted – this is particularly helpful when fetching big files. Safari doesn’t support it though, so use Chrome or Firefox if you need this feature. If you share huge files with others you could advise them of this too. Using a download manager such as Speed Download is also an option.
  • On iPhone and iPad, tap and hold to open a file immediately without displaying the menu.
    Just tapping a file brings up the options menu.
  • You can reverse this behaviour so that tapping opens a file immediately – see the Options button in the
  • To display the options menu for a folder, tap and hold. Just tapping a folder opens it.
  • If (like me) you don’t like too many icons cluttering up your Mac’s menu bar, you can
    hide Presence’s menu bar icon – just untick the “Show menu bar item” box in the More Options
    section. You can still open Presence’s window using the icon in your Applications folder.
  • Presence will notify you when someone opens a share, uploads a file or logs into your Mac — but you need to install
    Growl. Growl notifies you about all sorts of things,
    not just events in Presence, and is highly recommended.
  • You can view past events of this kind by going to More Options and clicking the View Event Log button.
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